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Big Points In Promotion Battle

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Our Athletikerinnen show team spirit, a brilliant performance, and defeat Austria Klagenfurt 7-0 (3-0) in the first relegation match. Tea Krznaric puts Schwarz-Weiß in front (8th minute), and Lisa Feilmayr scores a hat-trick after coming on as a substitute.

1,022 spectators flocked to the voestalpine Stadium to witness the first round of the promotion relegation. From the start, the fans were treated to a fantastic match.

Our Athletikerinnen had the first great chance. Florentina Sensenberger quickly switched sides and found Tea Krznaric, who shot the ball right into the gloves of the goalkeeper (5th minute).

Then, in the 8th minute, the voestalpine Stadium erupted in cheers. Nadine Wiener sent Kathi Mayr into the penalty area, where she played the ball back to Tea Krznaric along the goal line, bypassing goalkeeper Simone Harder. Coolly, she slid the ball into the empty net - an important 1-0 lead for our team!

In the opening 15 minutes, LASK was superior in all aspects, controlling the ball and the opponents. Krznaric, once again, had a good opportunity with a powerful shot, but it was saved (15th minute).

In the next action, the Croatian midfielder was involved again, delivering a long diagonal ball towards the corner flag to Kathi Mayr. The captain tenaciously kept the ball in play, shrugged off her marker, and took a shot from distance. The Austrian defenders and goalkeeper were unable to stop it - 2-0 (17th minute).

In the 25th minute, Mayr turned provider, delivering a delicate corner kick that Katarina Pranjes headed powerfully into the net. 3-0!

LASK had the advantage in chances and ball possession. Simone Krammer attempted a curling shot from outside the box, narrowly missing the target (30th minute). A minute later, goalkeeper Harder deflected a dangerous cross from Mayr with her foot. In the first half, there was only one dangerous moment in front of the Schwarz-Weiß goal, but Marlene Billwein calmly defused the situation (35th minute).

The last chance of the first half fell to Mavie Schweitzer, but the goalkeeper of Austria rushed out early (40th minute). Simone Krammer had another opportunity to extend the lead, but her shot was too central (44th minute). With a 3-0 lead in a game characterized by LASK's dominance and intense duels, the teams headed into the dressing rooms.


Even after the break, our Athletikerinnen had the first clear chance. Lena Farthofer had plenty of space on the left wing and played the ball from the goal line into the box. Kathi Mayr narrowly missed the ball, and Nadine Wiener's long-range shot sailed over the crossbar (51st minute).

In the 56th minute, Nadine Wiener sent our academy player Mavie Schweitzer on a run, and the Klagenfurt defense cleared the ball for a corner. Simone Krammer delivered a well-placed cross into the penalty area, and the guests failed to clear the ball. Jana Kofler grew tired of the chaos in the box and struck the ball forcefully - it took a deflection and ended up in the net - 4-0 (57th minute).

There were more goals in the air. Florentina Sensenberger smashed a corner kick against the inside of the post (59th minute). In the 60th minute, the Carinthian team was reduced to ten players: Michelle Schmautz fouled Krammer in the center circle and received her second yellow card. She had already been cautioned for unsportsmanlike behavior in the 14th minute. From then on, the guests played with numerical disadvantage.

Four minutes later, another setback for the visitors: Kathi Mayr put the ball dangerously in front of the goal, Harder failed to clear it decisively, and Lisa Feilmayr, who had just come on as a substitute, pushed the ball over the line - 5-0 (64th minute).

LASK remained dominant in the second half, impressing with their creativity and fast attacks. Nadine Wiener tried her luck from outside the box - Harder tipped the ball over the bar (74th minute).

Lisa Feilmayr caused havoc in the attack after her substitution, narrowly missing with a shot on the turn (77th minute), and four minutes later, she headed the ball into the net from a precise cross by Krznaric from the left - 6-0 (81st minute).

Celina Prieler tested the quality of the woodwork with a powerful shot in the penalty area (83rd minute). Lisa Feilmayr was not done yet and headed the ball into the net after a well-placed chip by Prieler into the six-yard box - 7-0 (88th minute)! Madlene Kerschbaummayr had the last clear chance of the game, but her header went just wide of the goal (90th minute).

Our Athletikerinnen win the first relegation match more than deservedly with a score of 7-0!

Next Sunday, June 18th, it's about promotion to the second league. At 4 p.m., our Athletikerinnen will play away against GAK. The match will take place at the GAK Juniors Weinzödl sports field. A victory for our LASK would mean promotion to the second league. The momentum is already with the Black-and-Whites…

We maintained a high tempo throughout and acted like a whirlwind. We were like the Japanese bullet train Shinkansen at times. Commendations to the team as a whole. We should have scored a few more goals. Thanks to the fans for their superb support.

Benjamin Stolte, Head coach

Second Yellow Card: Schmautz (60.)

Goals: Krznaric (8.), Mayr (17.), Pranjes (25.), Kofler (57.), Feilmayr (64., 81., 88.)

Starting Line-Up: Billwein – Sensenberger, Pranjes, Kerschbaummayr, Farthofer – Kofler, Wiener, Krammer – Mayr, Schweitzer, Krznaric

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