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LASK Wins OÖ Cup

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Our Athletikerinnen secure a convincing 7-1 (5-1) victory over Dorf an der Pram in the OÖ Cup final. With five goals in the first 36 minutes, LASK sealed the deal early and defended their Upper Austria double.

The local brass band, fresh bratwursts, lots of sunshine and over 500 spectators provided the perfect backdrop for the OÖ Cup final in Dorf an der Pram. The Unioners caught attention with the first major chance. Patricia Sperl unleashed a long-distance shot towards the top right corner, but LASK goalkeeper Julia Forstner prevented the opening goal with her fingertips (6th minute). The first good scoring opportunity for Schwarz-Weiß came in the 9th minute when Simone Krammer was denied by goalkeeper Melanie Gaderbauer.

Shortly after, our Athletikerinnen took the lead. Kathi Mayr positioned herself well at the edge of the six-yard box and slotted the ball into the far corner - 1-0 for LASK (12th minute). However, the opening goal had a bitter aftertaste as Kathi Mayr was unfavorably caught on the ankle by an opponent, leading to her substitution by Flora Salahi. LASK dominated the game, while the Dorf defenders fought fiercely and defended deep. As a result, Jana Kofler tried her luck from distance. Simone Krammer deflected the ball decisively, resulting in a 2-0 lead for LASK (19th minute).

Just two minutes later, LASK celebrated again. Celina Prieler unleashed an unstoppable free-kick from the edge of the penalty area, hitting the crossbar and finding the back of the net for a 3-0 lead. Two minutes after that, Prieler completed her brace. Following a fine cross from Simone Krammer, Prieler skillfully controlled the ball with a turn and fired it past the goalkeeper in the opposite direction, making it 4-0 (24th minute). The hosts quickly responded with a goal of their own. Marlene Zellinger showed great composure from about 30 meters out and expertly placed the ball into the top corner, resulting in a splendid 4-1 (28th minute). A few moments later, former LASK player Julia Dürnberger narrowly missed a free-kick.

The match provided plenty of entertainment for the spectators. In the 33rd minute, Jana Kofler danced through the penalty area, with her shot kissing the inside of the post. Mavie Schweitzer extended the lead to 5-1 (36th minute) after a fine through ball from Salahi. Both teams allowed the significant and swift lead to settle, leading to a relatively uneventful remainder of the first half.

Little excitement in the second half

Mavie Schweitzer had the first opportunity after the break, finding herself in the penalty area for a shot that was too accurate (51st minute). The first ten minutes of the second half were marked by misplaced passes from both teams. The second half initially lacked the attractiveness of the first.

In the 60th minute, Flora Salahi had the best chance after the break, but goalkeeper Gaderbauer held onto the ball. Jana Kofler had an opportunity to increase the lead from a free-kick outside the penalty area, but it was saved (60th minute). Twenty minutes later, substitute Lisa Feilmayr narrowly missed a long-distance shot, hitting the crossbar. In the 80th minute, LASK finally celebrated once again. Lisa Feilmayr initially failed to convert a cross from Farthofer, but Celina Prieler unselfishly set up Feilmayr again, who scored from close range, making it 6-1.

The final touch in the final came from Tereza Kubickova, who tapped the ball over the line to seal the 7-1 victory for LASK. Our Athletikerinnen thus defend the Upper Austrian double and shift their focus to the upcoming promotion playoffs.

It wasn't our best game, but the victory is justified by the margin. Many players were already thinking about the promotion playoffs. Nevertheless, we have won the double and secured the ÖFB Cup ticket. In the playoffs, we will give our all and represent Upper Austria with dignity.

Benjamin Stolte, Head Coach

Goals: Zellinger (28.) / Mayr (12.), Kofler (19.), Prieler (22., 24.), Schweitzer (36.), Feilmayr (80.)

Starting Line-Up: Forstner – Farthofer, Pranjes, Kerschbaummayr, Schobesberger – Mayr (K), Kofler, Krammer, Wiener Prieler – Schweitzer,