Arena plan

Access to the Raiffeisen Arena

To ensure smooth access to the Raiffeisen Arena, a total of eight entrances (E1 to E8) are available:

  • E1: Access to the W sections
  • E2 & E3: Access to the A, S and K sections
  • E4, E5, E7: Access to the N and O sections
  • E6: Access to the guest section
  • E8: Access to the BWT Business Club

LASK fan zone

The fan zone is the area between the familiar stadium square of the Raiffeisen Arena and the ASK standing terrace. It offers all LASK fans the opportunity to get together and prepare for the game. The fan zone can be filled with a versatile program. It may also happen that one or the other player stops by for photos and autographs. The generously designed kiosk 1 below the ASK standing terrace provides the best catering and is also open towards the fan zone.

Stadium catering

There is a rich variety of catering available in the Raiffeisen Arena: In the public area, a total of seven kiosks are available, as well as one kiosk in the guest section. The largest of these, kiosk 1, is located under the ASK standing terrace and can be used towards both the fan zone and the ASK standing terrace.

  • Kiosk 1: ASK standing grandstand
  • Kiosk 2-4: Black-White grandstand
  • Kiosk 5 & 6: Family grandstand
  • Kiosk 7: Corner of family grandstand /BWT Business Club
  • Kiosk 8: Guest section

In the BWT Business Club, high-quality catering from SCHWARZ HIRSCH awaits guests on a total of three floors. Bright, stylish ambiance - paired with design elements - creates an exclusive soccer atmosphere.