Raiffeisen Arena – The home of LASK

In February 2023 the time had come: LASK returned to its traditional home in Linz after six years. In the Upper Austrian provincial capital, the Raiffeisen Arena sits enthroned on Froschberg in Linz.

With the construction of the Raiffeisen Arena in the heart of Linz, a new football era had begun - for Linz, for Upper Austria and for LASK. The stadium not only promotes football in Upper Austria to a new level, but also sets strong regional investment opportunities for local businesses, generates sustainable added value, and creates important jobs.

The Raiffeisen Arena meets the international requirements of the ÖFB for international matches and the ÖFB Cup final. It also fully complies with UEFA Category 4, which would allow international matches up to and including a Champions League semi-final. The arena seats 19,080 visitors.

Of course, the Raiffeisen Arena guarantees a modern infrastructure and meets the latest safety standards - a great, carefree stadium experience and cleanliness enjoy top priority.

LASK fan zone and ASK standing grandstand

The LASK fan zone of the Raiffeisen Arena with regional food trucks and a large kiosk in the outdoor area located on the forecourt of the stadium. Fans can get in the mood for the match there before the game starts and afterwards celebrate the game together. The gastronomy on offer on match days is accompanied by activities, DJs or live music - just to give some examples.

The ASK standing grandstand is located directly behind the fan zone. It extends from the edge of the field to under the roof. The capacity of the standing room is almost 4,500 standing places for national games and almost 3,000 seats for international games. Sufficient space for maximum atmosphere.

The ASK standing grandstand at Raiffeisen Arena has a capacity of 4,500 supporters.

LASK Family Stand

A visit to the stadium in the Raiffeisen Arena will be an experience for the whole family - because football is no longer just a man's game.

With the special Family Season Ticket, which includes seats in LASK's family stand, there is an affordable way to visit the Raiffeisen Arena regularly with the whole family. A quick example? For a family of four the matchday price is just seven euros per person. In addition, we are planning a children's club in the area of the LASK family stand. In this 1000 square metre children's area, the youngest fans will be professionally cared for by educators with age-appropriate activities. A healthy and high-quality catering service is also provided.

BWT Business Club

On a total of three floors, the LASK, BWT Business Club offers a space for over 2,000 guests per home game. A bright, stylish ambience – paired with design elements – ensures an exclusive football atmosphere. High-quality catering takes care of refreshments for the visitors. In addition, the BWT Business Club offers a platform for maintaining regular contacts within an attractive mix of industries.

The BWT Business Club provides guests with an exlusive football atmosphere.

LASK restaurant

"Eat like the pros" - The LASK restaurant in the south-eastern part of the Raiffeisen Arena will impress with its healthy cuisine. It will also be open on non-match days. It will be open to the public and will also be available to LASK players, and staff. All athletes who train in the adjacent Olympic Centrum can also enjoy the Raiffeisen Arena gastronomy.

Nutrition is also a fixed component of the LASK initiative to encourage Upper Austria's children to exercise more and eat healthily - not only theoretically, but also physically. In the LASK restaurant, children will be given a taste for healthy eating at an early age.

LASK bakery

A LASK bakery will be built on the forecourt of the Raiffeisen Arena, which will also be open on non-match days.

BWT Bottle Free Zone

Thanks to BWT as a partner of LASK, only reusable bottles and cups are handed out in the Raiffeisen Arena. Local water is filtered, mineralized with magnesium and served still or sparkling. This reduces CO2 emissions from unnecessary transport and ensures less plastic waste, because disposable and plastic bottles are completely avoided. The arena will be the first arena in Austria to be "free of plastic bottles". This makes a valuable contribution to the environment.

Mobility concept

A mobility concept for the Raiffeisen Arena was developed in coordination with the Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich, the mobility partner, the LINZ AG Linien, the city of Linz and the Linz police. Above all, it was about taking into account the concerns of the residents and the aspects of soft mobility. The focus is also on improving Linz's traffic flows at LASK home games, making it easier for visitors to travel to and from the home games, and strengthening Linz's cultural and gastronomic offerings.