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Guided tours in the Raiffeisen Arena

The home of LASK is one of the most modern stadiums in Europe and shines with its impressive construction and impresses with its details. Whether as a school trip, with a club, as a local or as a tourist: the Raiffeisen Arena amazes every visitor.

Immerse yourself in the world of LASK, marvel at the BWT Business Club, learn about the history of the club, sit in the team cabin where our players sit or simply enjoy your time in the Raiffeisen Arena.

The following areas await you on our tours

Tour - BWT Business Club Entrance | Mixed zone | press conference room | Media Entrance | playing field | Fan Zone | ASK Standing room | upper tier | Black and white tribune | Family Tribune | Flash zone | Chapel | crew cabin | Tunnel Club | BWT Business Club Level 1 | BWT Business Club Level 2 | Club 1908 | Leading Lodges | Event boxes (right/left) | BWT Business Club entrance

If you are interested in booking, please send an email to, tell us the number of people and whether you have additional needs. You can find out more about our offer below.

Full price per person: € 19.08 (net):

  • Adults
  • Pensioners
  • from the 3rd supervising person in school groups, organizations, clubs, etc.

Reduced price (20% discount) per person: € 15.26 (net):

  • High school students (grammar school, commercial academy, technical school, vocational school)
  • Football/youth clubs from U14
  • Organizations and clubs such as: diocese, scouts over 14 years old, altar servers over 14 years old, etc.

For free:

  • Children up to 14 years old
  • Primary school students
  • Lower secondary level of grammar school (1st to 4th grade)
  • Football/youth clubs up to and including U14
  • Organizations or clubs such as: diocese, scouts up to 14 years old, altar servers up to 14 years old!

How many people can take part of a tour?

Tours are possible for groups of five to a maximum of 25 people per group.

When can tours of the Raiffeisen Arena be visited?

Tours can be booked from Monday to Friday. Please understand that no tours are available on match days or the day after.

However, we will make every effort to arrange a suitable date with you.

How long does a tour of the Raiffeisen Arena last?

During the tour of the Raiffeisen Arena, the above-mentioned areas will be presented. It is expected to last between 60 and 90 minutes.

Payment for a tour of the Raiffeisen Arena

Payment for the tour is made by invoice upon booking. Accordingly, it is sent in advance and digitally by ARENA Event GmbH to the respective contact person.

Additional offers

In addition to the tour of the Raiffeisen Arena, the following packages can be booked in the BWT Business Club on the 1st floor:

  • Coffee and cake (€ 9 net per person)
  • Drinks á la carte (Settlement according to actual consumption)

Duration of these additional offers is up to a maximum of 45 minutes after the end of the tour.

Payment is made by invoice after the tour, i.e. retrospectively and digitally, by ARENA Event GmbH to the contact person.

Cancellation policy (after booking has been made)

  • 50% of the total cost
  • 100% of the total cost from 48 hours before the scheduled date