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A football afternoon to savor

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"Rarely have I experienced such a game," even the experienced Florian Flecker was amazed by the 5-0 goal fest of LASK last Sunday against SK Rapid. A football afternoon that will likely remain in the memories of the protagonists and a large part of the 17,000 spectators in the Raiffeisen Arena for a long time.

"From the 75th minute onwards, I really started to enjoy it," said head coach Thomas Darazs. At this point, the Athletiker were already leading 5-0 (see match report). In the end, this result marked the highest Bundesliga victory since the 6-0 win over WSG Tirol in March 2022. At the same time, it equaled the highest victory over the Hütteldorfer since March 29, 1998, when Rune Tangen (2), Geir Frigard (2), and Markus Weissenberger had provided black-and-white festivities in the Linzer Stadium.

Two goal scorers among themselves: Florian Flecker and Sascha Horvath.

While curiously both coaches had to leave their positions back in the day, interim coach Darazs was able to celebrate the third victory in the fourth game of his tenure with his team. Especially the manner of their performance pleased the 46-year-old. "The way we played was really nice and brought me great joy. We allow ourselves to enjoy that," said the LASK coach, emphasizing the team's potential. "The players are now simply showing what they are capable of. They are allowed to enjoy being good footballers and receiving praise."

"For that, I have worked hard for a long time"

The same goes for Flecker, who contributed a goal for the first time in his career in three consecutive Bundesliga matches. Before Marin Ljubicic's penalty for the 1-0 lead and Adil Taoui's goal for the 3-0 lead, the Styrian also played a role. "It's obviously very nice to have such a streak. I've worked hard for this, and I hope it continues," said the 28-year-old, who visibly enjoys his offensive role.

The same applies to youngster Taoui. In his second start, the Frenchman scored his first goal, also won the penalty for the lead, assisted Ljubicic's goal for the 5-0 lead, and provided the cross for the fourth goal scored by Sascha Horvath. "It feels really good and was a lot of fun. This was a big win for us, and we can keep going like this," said the 22-year-old.

For the first time in the current Bundesliga season, LASK was able to celebrate scoring over five goals.

Fourth victory in championship group

With the fourth victory in the seventh game of the championship group, the black-and-whites took an important step towards third place. However, LASK doesn't want to focus too much on the table before the remaining three matches in Klagenfurt, against Sturm, and at Salzburg. "We just want to go into every game to win it. Over the course of the season, football gives you what you deserve. We don't look at Salzburg or Rapid but try to focus on ourselves," emphasized head coach Darazs.

Adil Taoui (r.) scored his first professional goal for LASK.

Secure tickets for last home game

The presale for the last home game of the season on May 12th (5:00 PM) against SK Sturm Graz is already in full swing. Since Monday, sector N13 is also open.

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