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The 2023/24 season is definitely going to be a highlight, with not only (at least) eight Bundesliga home games until December, but also four European Cup home games in the Raiffeisen Arena! The season tickets will go on sale on June 5th. From June 12th, ABO-PLUS owners have the opportunity to purchase the so-called "Europa Four-Pack" in addition to their already purchased four-pack in an exclusive pre-sale. From June 19th, the "Europa Four-Pack" will be freely available. We have compiled all the ticket information for you.

Three and a half months after the opening of the Raiffeisen Arena, our new home ground has proven itself to be a true fortress! Over 100,000 fans attended our seven home games at Raiffeisen Arena in spring 2023, making up an impressive average attendance of around 14,500 visitors. But that was just the beginning. In the upcoming 2023/24 season, our Black-and-Whites will return to the European stage, meaning that our Raiffeisen Arena will host it's first international home games this autumn!

The first fixtures of the new season have already been confirmed: The first round of the UNIQA ÖFB Cup will take place on July 21st when LASK faces SC Röfix Röthis (6pm, Sportplatz an der Ratz). The first round of the ADMIRAL Bundesliga sees our Black-and-Whites play the season opener against Rapid Wien - this game will take place on Friday, July 28th at 8.30pm at Raiffeisen Arena.

To make sure you don't miss any home games, we've collected the most important ticket informations regarding Bundesliga matches & our "Europe's Four-Pack":

TOPIC 1: Season tickets

What season ticket models does LASK offer?

There are two types of season tickets - ABO PUR and ABO PLUS. ABO PUR guarantees fans a "fixed seat" guarantee for all LASK home games in the basic stage and final stage of the Bundesliga. ABO PLUS includes all home cup games and any Bundesliga playoff games, as well as a "fixed seat" guarantee for all international home games, including a 10% discount (automatic SEPA debit). Further extras such as access to the season opening, a free LASK jersey, and a 10% discount on fan articles are also part of the ABO PLUS.

The "LASK Family" season ticket model is unique in Austria and is available in the family stand. For a total price of EUR 449, the whole family - both parents and all registered children - can come to the stadium for a whole season. With 16 league home games and a family of four, that's a per capita price of around seven euros per game. The "LASK Family" season ticket model also comes in PUR and PLUS versions.

The most exclusive season ticket category is the "LASKler ABO" in the N4 sector, directly opposite the midpoint. The "LASKler ABO" includes all LASK home games, whether in the Bundesliga, Cup, or European Cup, and comes with numerous other exclusive benefits detailed on lask.at/abos.

When will season tickets be available?

Season tickets have been available again since Monday, June 5, 2023.

Where can season tickets be purchased?

Season tickets are available at the HYPO LASK Corner (opening hours) at the Mozartkreuzung, in the LASK office in the Raiffeisen Arena (opening hours), and in the LASK online shop.

How are season ticket prices structured?

The prices of the ASK standing area, the LASK curve, the black-and-white grandstand, and the family grandstand remain unchanged. Only the price of the exclusive LASKler-ABO will increase to EUR 990, with a three-year commitment period. For existing LASKler subscribers, the previous price without commitment will remain unchanged as a thank you for their loyalty. For children aged 6-14, the season ticket price is half the full price, and discounted* season tickets are available in the LASK curve (Sectors N1, N11A, N11B).
*Discounted for 15-17 year-olds, students, trainees, civil and military conscripts, pensioners, and disabled people.

When will the season ticket price be debited from my account (with payment by SEPA direct debit)?

If "SEPA direct debit" is selected as the payment method, the debiting of the season ticket price will take place at the beginning of July 2023. For the ABO PLUS, the 10% reduced price for the Europa Cup games (Europa Four-Pack, see below) will be debited at the same time, also at the beginning of July.

Do I need to buy a new season ticket if I am an existing season ticket holder of the 2022/23 season?

No. If you have not canceled your season ticket, it will continue. Therefore, purchasing a new season ticket is not necessary.


When are tickets available for the Europa League Play-Off (Aug. 24/31) and the Europa Cup group stage (September-December 2023)?

  • Until December, LASK will play four international home games - a play-off home game and three home games in the Europa League or the Conference League. The LASK will offer the so-called "Europa Four-Pack" for these four games from Monday, June 12, 2023. The preliminary match dates are listed here.
    The sale of the Europa Four-Pack runs in two phases:

  • Phase 1 (Exclusive pre-sale): From June 12 to June 19, 2023, all ABO PLUS owners have the opportunity to purchase unlimited additional four-packs (at the standard price) in addition to their own (10% discounted) Europa Four-Pack.
  • Phase 2 (Open sale): From June 19, the Europa Four-Pack will become available for the general public.

Special case "LASK Family PLUS": Due to the late kick-off times (6:55 pm or 9 pm), the "LASK Family PLUS" season ticket model does not include the international games. Instead, there is also a pre-sale right from June 12 to June 19.

Will there be single tickets available for the Europa Cup games as well as the four-pack?
Whether and when single tickets will be offered for the Europa Cup games depends on whether there are still seats available after the sale of the Europa Four-Pack. The capacity of the Raiffeisen Arena is lower for international games, so it is advisable to act quickly to not miss any home games of our black-and-white team!

All further detailed information on the Europa Four-Pack, including prices, will follow at the start of sales on June 12th!


Can I upgrade my existing ABO PUR to an ABO PLUS?

Until June 4, 2023, existing subscribers had the opportunity to upgrade their ABO PUR to an ABO PLUS. All email inquiries related to this will still be processed, of course.

I want to make a change (e.g. change seat) to my season ticket; is this possible?

Changes were also possible by email until June 4, 2023. Again, all email inquiries related to this will still be processed.


When will the 2023/24 season start?

You should mark the following dates in your calendar:

  • 1st round | UNIQA ÖFB Cup: July 21/22/23
  • 1st round | ADMIRAL Bundesliga: July 28/29/30
  • UEFA Europa League Play-Off: August 24/31.